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Welcome to Walker & Chambers, Attorneys and Counselors at Law. Walker & Chambers is a full-service law firm that represents primarily small to mid-size businesses. We have offices in Houston and Dallas, Texas, and we represent clients all over the United States. Our mission and passion is “serving the community by providing excellent and cost-effective legal services.” We take this mission seriously. It is the standard by which we hold ourselves accountable.

Whether you’re facing a specific legal issue or have questions that only a lawyer can properly answer, Walker & Chambers is here to help.

A Compassionate legal professional at your service

Walker & Chambers understands that looming legal issues can be stressful and overwhelming. That’s why we believe in treating clients with care and respect. When you work with Walker & Chambers, you’ll get the benefit of:

Extensive legal knowledge and experience.

Deep understanding of clients’ needs.

Excellence in service.

Reasonable fees.

Attempting to tackle a legal matter on your own can end up negatively impacting the outcome of your situation. Why risk such repercussions when a dedicated lawyer is on hand to offer guidance when you need it the most? To set up an appointment, call Walker & Chambers.

Walker & Chambers, Attorneys and Counselors at Law. Walker & Chambers is a full-service law firm that represents primarily small to mid-size businesses., Dallas & Houston, TX

Practice Areas

At Walker & Chambers - Attorneys and Counselors at Law, we provide the following legal services.


At Walker & Chambers, we understand that running a successful business comes down to making smart business decisions, and carefully executing action plans related to such decisions.  Whether you operate a small business or a mid-size corporation, Walker & Chambers is a business law firm that can assist you with a wide range of legal issues. We strive to have a long-term trusted relationship with our business clients.

What We Do As Business Lawyers

As a business law firm, Walker & Chambers adds value to our clients’ businesses by assisting them with:

a.  Dispute Resolution (whether by negotiation, litigation, mediation, or arbitration);

b.  Crisis Management (e.g., responding to lawsuits, audits, investigations, demands, and claims);

c.  Risk Management (i.e., identifying, evaluating, eliminating, reducing, and shifting legal and business risks);

d.  Strategic Planning (i.e., identifying and pursuing opportunities and identifying and avoiding threats);

e.  Business Structuring (i.e., setting up corporations, limited liability companies, partnerships, etc; transitioning businesses from one entity type to another; and advising business clients about the pros and cons of one business entity over another);

f.  Business Transactions (i.e., negotiating and drafting contracts, agreements, leases, and various other legal documents); and

g.  Business Succession Planning (i.e., determining the right time and circumstances to pass a business from one generation to another, and drafting the various estate plans, wills, trusts, power of attorney documents, and other legal documents to accomplished same).

The Walker & Chambers Business Client

The partners at Walker & Chambers have over 52 combined years of experience representing businesses at all stages of the business life cycle dealing with various types legal issues that a business and/or its owners have encountered.  We have developed a host of best practices, because of our many years of experience, that we continue to use to assist existing clients, colleagues, and the community. Specifically, at Walker & Chambers, we are looking for business clients who want a long-term relationship with attorneys who have the experience, know-how, and discernment to advise, protect, and advocate for the business client whenever such is needed. The best way for a business to look at us is to imagine having its own in-house legal department without the expense, office space requirements, and other requirements commonly associated with such.

At Walker & Chambers, we are proud to support companies at all stages of the business life cycle.  No matter what legal issue your business is facing, we’ll give your situation our full personal attention from one business owner to another business owner at every stage. We can develop a strategy for your unique situation, so call us today.


Civil law commonly refers to the various areas of law involving private affairs and disputes involving people and/or businesses.  The following is a short list of the type of matters associated with civil law:

  • Landlord/Tennant Disputes
  • Consumer Disputes
  • Commercial and Business Disputes
  • Employment Disputes
  • Family, Divorce, Child Support, and Custody Issues
  • Probate
  • Etc.

Good civil lawyers are able to correctly diagnose the client’s legal concern, clearly articulate and describe the legal issues to the client, and offer strategies and recommendations for solutions.

What We Do As Civil Lawyers

At Walker & Chambers, we understand that being entangled in long-lasting legal disputes is not the best use of time, money, and emotional energy for most people and businesses.  We have also learned that well-informed clients tend to make better decisions even in the midst of difficult times such as business disputes, lawsuits, family disputes.

The Initial Consultation:  We start all new client engagements with an initial consultation where we do our best to accurately articulate and describe the client’s legal problem so that the client has clarity about the problem they are facing. Then, we provide options, strategies, and recommendations for addressing the legal problem.  Our goal by the conclusions of the initial consultation is to give the client sufficient information to make a well-informed decision about what should be done to address their legal problem.

The initial consultations fee $225.

Retained Matters:  If the client decides to hire us to implement the recommended strategy for solving their legal problem, we move forward with our best efforts to deliver excellent and cost-effective legal services.  We do this by setting out a clear plan and schedule for fulfilling specific tasks that are designed to reach the goal of solving the legal problem faced by the client.  Our goal is to be real problem solvers.

If you need the help of an attorney to guide you through a civil matter, you’ve come to the right place. You don’t need to navigate the complex waters surrounding a civil dispute on your own. Just enlist the assistance of Walker & Chambers.


The employer-employee relationship is similar to the family relationship in a number of ways.  Like the family relationship, when the relationship is going well, good things generally occur.  However, when the relationship has fallen apart, many bad things happen.  Additionally, similar to family law, protracted conflicts between the employees and employers is often not the most pleasant use of either party’s time, energy, and money.  In Texas, there are specific state and federal laws that govern many aspects of the employer/employee relationship.  A good employment attorney for the employer is one who effectively advises employers how to select, train, manage, and keep good employees, and how to cost-effectively avoid and discharge employees who are not a good match for the company.  A good employment lawyer for the employee is one who understands employment law, who understands dynamics of employer/employee relationships, and who has the experience necessary to represent and/or advise the employee in what may look and feel like one of the most difficult episodes of his or her life.

What We Do As Employment Lawyers

Walker & Chambers is experienced at representing business clients in all types of legal matters including legal issues involving employment law.  We are also experienced at representing numerous employees in employment matters.  As such, we have a keen understanding of employment law from both perspectives.  This duel viewpoint gives us an advantage in negotiating and resolving employment legal disputes.   Whether we are representing the employer or the employee, we start each case by (a) first, getting a good understanding of what went wrong, (b) advising our client accordingly and recommending possible solutions to the problem, and (c) looking for ways to resolve the matter through settlement.

At Walker & Chambers, we know that costly litigation is not the best way to resolve an employment dispute for either party; neither is it a good thing for others who are affected by the dispute, i.e., co-workers, company managers, family members, etc. When these types of matters cannot be resolved quickly through settlement, we strive to give our clients the best legal advice how to proceed, and we position the client to put up the best offense or defense when the only feasible choice is to proceed through litigation.

Walker & Chambers can provide representation when facing the following and other types of employment matters:

  • Wrongful termination
  • Overtime and wage disputes
  • Family Medical Leave Act disputes
  • Discrimination
  • Sexual harassment
  • Retaliation
  • Benefits disputes
  • Negligent hiring or retention and workplace violence disputes


Believe it or not, everyone in Texas has a will.  The only question is who wrote your will?  If you have not written your own will or estate plan, the Texas Legislator has written one for you.  It’s called the Texas Estate Code.  If you do not want the Texas Legislator to decide what happens to your property after you are gone, you need to write your own estate plan.  At Walker & Chambers, we focus on being problem solvers for our clients. We give each individual the attention he or she deserves. No matter what goals you have for your estate, we will help you formulate them.

What We Do As Estate Planning Attorneys

We understand that, when it comes to estate planning, you need a lawyer who has the experience and patience to work with you as you make decisions that will most certainly outlive you and have a long-lasting impact on the people that you love the most.  As such, at Walker & Chambers, we are easy to work with and we have competitive rates.  Furthermore, we understand that good estate planning requires careful thinking and wise counsel often involving other participants such as CPA’s and tax advisors, financial advisors, and sometimes business and trust advisors.

With our partners having more than 52 years of combined experience practicing law in this state and serving clients throughout the Houston and Dallas areas, Walker & Chambers is at your disposal. No matter what your particular situation, our goal will be to protect your rights and interests while organizing documents to implement your wishes.


Regardless of whether you are the plaintiff or the defendant, litigation is never pleasant, and it is not the best way to resolve a dispute.  However, sometimes, it’s the only civil way to resolve a conflict between disputing parties.   If you find yourself in a situation where litigation is necessary, your best bet is to be represented by an experienced attorney who understands the complex dynamics and nature of ligation such that he or she can help you as both a zealous advocate and counselor.  Specifically, you need a litigator with the skill and knowledge to fight for your best interests and give you good advice as you go through this difficult and unpleasant process.

What We Do As Litigation Attorneys

Like war, litigation is often expensive with difficult to predict outcomes.  That’s why at Walker & Chambers, litigation begins with a well thought out strategy and work-plan that is designed to resolve the dispute as quickly and cost-effectively as possible.  Walker & Chambers provides excellent litigation services.

For more information or to schedule a consultation, contact Walker & Chambers.


The loss of a loved one can be one of the most difficult situations you’ll ever face. Similarly, the loss of a business partner can serve as a devastating blow to the business.  When this happens, often there is a need for probate.  Probate is the legal process of transferring assets from a deceased individual to the proper beneficiaries, heirs, and other interested parties.

This includes:

  • The need to continue the operations of a business,
  • The need to transfer land and houses to a spouse, heirs, or beneficiaries,
  • The need to withdraw and transfer money from a deceased loved-one’s bank account to a spouse or heirs,
  • The need to access and retrieve documents and property from safe deposit boxes,
  • The need to resolve disputes over heirship issues,
  • The need to resolve disputes over the intentions expressed in a deceased person’s will,
  • Among other issues involving someone who has died.

What We Do As Probate Attorneys

Probate law is a unique and complex field.  Walker & Chambers has been handling probate cases since 1998.  Since 1998, we have handled some of the most difficult probate matters involving business owners and individuals who died (a) with and without wills, (b) with blended families, (c) while owning, operating, and being involved in complex business relationships, (d) while holding or having an interest in complex real estate relationships, etc. At Walker & Chambers, we understand that the best service a probate lawyer can provide is to help the people involved to get through the probate process as quickly and cost-effectively as possible. This requires experience, planning, and effective execution.

Starting with the initial consultation, we identify the specific needs and objectives of our client.  Then, we make recommendations that are tailor-made to address the particular needs and objectives of the client.  If the client decides to retain us to implement our recommendations, we draft and pursue a work-plan and schedule that are designed to get the client through the probate process as quickly and cost-effectively as possible.   If you need help from a probate lawyer in Houston, Texas, contact Walker & Chambers – Houston Office for an initial consultation.

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Walker & Chambers, Attorneys and Counselors at Law. Walker & Chambers is a full-service law firm that represents primarily small to mid-size businesses. Lawyer

About Walker & Chambers - Attorneys and Counselors at Law

Law Office in Dallas and Houston, TX

Welcome to Walker & Chambers, Attorneys and Counselors at Law. Walker & Chambers is a full-service law firm that represents primarily small to mid-size businesses. We have offices in Houston and Dallas, Texas, and we represent clients all over the United States. Our mission and passion is serving the community by providing excellent and cost-effective legal services. We take this mission seriously. It is the standard by which we hold ourselves accountable.

Walker & Chambers, Attorneys and Counselors at Law. Walker & Chambers is a full-service law firm that represents primarily small to mid-size businesses. Legal Team

Meet the team


Demetri Chambers

Demetri Chambers


Demetri Chambers is a business attorney and problem solver with more than three (3) decades of experience serving small to mid-size businesses with various types of legal problems. In addition to serving as a practicing attorney, Demetri is involved in various community based activities and non-profit organizations focused on improving the economic growth and development of various areas in Houston, Texas.

Kenneth E. Walker

Kenneth E. Walker


Kenneth E. Walker practices in the areas of business transactions, business law, business formation and dissolution, corporations, partnerships, contracts, real estate, estate planning, will and trust, computer law and tax. Mr. Walker’s hometown is Memphis, Tennessee. He received his JD from Harvard Law School, and a BA in Economics and Afro-American Studies from Harvard College.

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